About Nightfire

Nightfire consists of nine excellent musician / singers. This includes three guitar players, four strong male vocals, and a superb female vacalist. This allows Nightfire to perform songs with complex guitar arrangements and vocal harmonies by artists such as the Eagles or Beatles, without the use of pre-recorded tracks. WE PLAY AND SING EVERYTHING LIVE! Nightfire has three excellent horn players, and the Nightfire horn arrangements are written by Brian Snapp who writes horn charts for Disney, Gloria Gaynor, and the B.B. King nightclub bands throughout the United States.

Everything about Nightfire is "top shelf", and is meant to offer San Antonio and South Texas a band which is comparable to major artist's bands in Los Angeles, Nashville, or Las Vegas. Nightfire is not a club or "bar band". It is strictly a corporate event, private party, and wedding reception band, so the level of musical performance, appearence, and professionalism is always that which is expected at high quality events. And, as stated earlier, we don't rely on pre-recorded music tracks, or computer sequences to enhance our sound. All of Nightfire's music and vocals are always performed live - and we put that in writing.